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     Removal of plaque, tartar, and stain from teeth.
  Flouride Treatments
     Gel form supplement applied to teeth to aid in the prevention of dental caries (cavities).
  Oral Hygiene Instruction
     The dental hygienist reviews appropriate procedures for maintaining good oral health.
     Plastic resin placed on the biting surfaces of molars to prevent bacteria from attacking the enamel and causing caries (cavities).
Oral Surgery
  Routine Extractions
     The process or act of removing a tooth or tooth parts.
  Wisdom Tooth Extractions
     The process or act of removing a wisdom tooth or its parts with the option of intravenous sedation.

Intravenous Sedation/Analgesia: A medically controlled state of depressed consciousness while maintaining the patient’s airway, protective reflexes and the ability to respond to stimulation or verbal commands. It includes intravenous administration of sedative and/or analgesic agent(s) and appropriate monitoring.
  Dental Implants
     A device specially designed to be placed surgically within or on the mandibular or maxillary bone as a means of providing for dental replacement; endosteal (endosseous); eposteal (subperiosteal); transosteal (transosseous).
     Removal of a portion of the pulp (tissue inside the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerve tissue) with the aim of maintaining the vitality of the remaining portion by means of an adequate dressing (medication).
     Complete removal of vital and no-vital pulp tissue from the root canal (space with in the tooth that consists of the pulp).
  Root Canal Therapy
     The treatment of disease and injuries of the pulp (nerve) and associated periradicular conditions.
  Partial Denture
     A removable prosthetic device (appliance) that replaces missing teeth while some teeth remain.
  Full Denture
     A removable prosthetic device (appliance) that acts as an artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues.
     A removable prosthetic device that overlies and may be supported by retained tooth roots or implants.
  Composite Fillings
     A restorative material used to restore a diseased tooth.
  Crowns and Bridges
     Artificial restoration covering or replacing the major part, or the whole of the clinical crown of a tooth (the visible portion of a tooth not covered by supporting tissues).

     Crown: Anatomical Crown: That portion of tooth normally covered by, and including, enamel;

     Abutment Crown: Artificial crown serving for the retention or support of a dental prosthesis;

     Artificial Crown: Restoration covering or replacing the major part, or the whole of the clinical crown of a tooth;

     Clinical Crown: That portion of a tooth not covered by supporting tissues.

     Bridge: A Bridge is a prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth cemented or attached to the abutment teeth or implant abutments adjacent to the space
     A dental restoration made outside of the oral cavity (mouth) to correspond to the form of the prepared cavity, which is then placed into the tooth.
     An indirect restoration made outside the oral cavity that overlays a cusp or cusps of the tooth, which is then placed onto the tooth.
  Periodontal Maintenance
     Routine cleanings after receiving scaling and rootplaning to prevent the reoccurrence of periodontal disease.
  Scaling and Root Planing
     A procedure designed to treat periodontal disease which involves the removal of bacteria, tartar, and disease on the root surfaces and in the pocket under and surrounding the tooth. This procedure usually requires local anesthetic and at least two separate appointments.

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